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Resource Projection Model
A Total Automated Solution for Justifying and Determining Staffing Needs

Introducing Resource Projection Model (RPM), a dynamic computer model created to determine probation department and court staffing needs within any organization. RPM allows each agency to accurately project staffing needs on a function by function basis through the reengineering of work processes rather than simple filings and dispositions. The intuitive software successfully replaces the old static weighted workload models with a dynamic process based on “relevant workload” for each function.

RPM allows courts and probation departments to:

  • Justify Resource Requirements
  • Reduce Backlog and Overtime
  • Identify Inefficiencies and Opportunities for improvement
  • Document Procedures for Employees
  • Establish Baseline Employee Performance Standards
  • Develop New Employee Training Aids
  • Do More with Less
  • Predict Impact of Changes in Legislation, Population and Enforcement Policies
  • Improve Accuracy of Staffing Projections
  • Track Performance Trends
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction 

How it Works
RPM software allows managers to understand their staffing needs on a task by task, desk by desk breakdown by:

  • Validating projections against actual data
  • Associating required skill sets or specific knowledge to tasks
  • Accommodating different procedures by case type, program and/or servicing location
  • Interactively varying parameters including workload, productivity, and staffing levels
  • Applying different weights to more recent metrics
  • Generating customizable reports
  • Creating graphical representation of trends and data metrics

RPM has been recognized by the National Center for State Courts as a tool that “…promises to be one model that will be used as an integral part of empirical court management.”


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