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Intuitive Design
ISD has acquired a vast knowledge developing and implementing software for the judicial community for over 25 years. Over the years ISD has listened to the challenges faced by the judicial community and even employs former justice employees. This experience and knowledge has resulted in the design of fully-integrated, intuitive software solutions that enable clients to meet increased expectations and caseloads with limited resources.
Detailed Development
ISD understands that all courts and Probation Departments are unique, making it impossible for one universal system to meet the needs of each agency. To meet these individual needs ISD includes customized design packages for each software system we offer. Courts and Probation Departments determine their individual requirements and ISD tailors each product to those requirements.

In-Depth Training
ISD provides several in-depth training sessions for all trainers, key personnel and administrators prior to implementing each system. Training is conducted on-site to ensure that the training environment resembles the actual product environment. These training sessions not only ensure that each user understands the system, but are also able to train and teach other users.
Seamless Implementation
ISD team members implement each software solution in a timely manner by guiding each task throughout the project life. ISD’s software programs are current with today’s technology as well as compatible with other applications and hardware, making the integration process simple. As a result, projects are on-time, on-budget and the learning curve is lessened.

First-Class Support and Maintenance
ISD understands how important it is to keep your operations up and running 24/7. That’s why we always give our clients immediate access to information and experts 24/7. Clients can be confident all problems are identified immediately and solved. In fact, ISD offers online tracking for issues and comprehensive product documentation. Plus, ISD has its clients prioritize and give input on all state mandated changes, technology enhancements and legal requirements—all which are included in our product upgrades as part of our software and maintenance package.